Best Jobs For Graduates In Europe

As a graduate, there are several jobs you can do, thanks to your qualifications. With your degree, you can apply for a variety of jobs and still get employment letters from many of them. That’s how amazing it should be.

If you are planning on moving to Europe as a graduate, you should also know the jobs you can engage in to sustain a living for yourself and, probably, your family. Also, if you live in Europe, you might want to know the best jobs for you as a graduate.

Just in case you have been searching that all day on the internet without coming across a good piece that covers your queries, this article is excellent for you. I will show you the best jobs in Europe for you as a graduate.

1. Software Engineer 

Salary: €85,000

One of the highest paying jobs in Europe is being a software engineer. You can develop applications, games, and many other computer software. However, you must have gone through a program in software engineering before you can take up this role.

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2. Registered Nurse

Salary: €65,000

You can also work as a registered nurse in any European country and make quite a lot for yourself. Depending on the vacancies, you can either work in a private or government setting. However, keep in mind that government institutions pay better than privately-owned ones.

3. Teacher

Salary: €45,000

Teaching is one of the jobs that many people who travel to Europe engage in and make a lot of money from. You do not even need to have postgraduate degrees before taking up a teaching job in Europe. Many schools are still searching for more teachers from home and abroad in these countries.

4. Accountant 

Salary: €50,000

Being an accountant in Europe does not need any experience, which is why people rush the job positions. Accountants also make a reasonable sum of money; however, they must be ready to work for it. To become an accountant in Europe, you need some certifications and licenses in addition to your degree. Also, you must have passion for the job.

5. Account Manager

Salary: €60,000

Account managers can work almost anywhere. By anywhere, I mean they can work in any setting they wish, as long as it involves finances and stocks. Business owners do not have to spend days at their establishments trying to track sales and expenses.

Trust me; this will be very difficult for them, especially if they have no previous knowledge about it. This is why many businesses employ account managers to be in charge of the stock and financial part of their business to ensure everything adds up.

Wrapping Up

If you are moving to Europe anytime soon, do not limit yourself to the jobs mentioned above. There are still a lot more jobs you can get involved in. Some of these also include;

  • Medical practitioner
  • Financial analyst
  • Account executive
  • Administrative assistant
  • Project manager
  • Lawyer
  • Engineer

And many more. This list is endless. However, some countries in Europe might not permit nationals of other countries to do some specific kinds of work.

Therefore, before moving to any European country with the hope of working, you should check if it is actually possible to take up that job in the country. This will be of great help.

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