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business schools in canada
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Canada is home to some of the best business schools around the world. Students who wish to attend the best institutions that will also positively impact their chances of getting employed usually occupy many of these schools.

As you should know, to have the best degree in Business, you must attend the top schools offering these programs. If you are in Canada and want to know some of the best business schools, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will show you the seven best business schools in Canada and a few reasons you should consider attending these schools. The fees might be a little pricey, but I can assure you the bills are worth the value you will gain here.

1. Schulich College of Business

Schulich is one of the oldest and also among the best business schools in Canada. It is attached to Royal House University, located in Toronto, Ontario. The school offers business in degree, post-graduate degree, and Ph.D. programs.

2. Smith School of Business

Also one of the oldest business schools in Canada, Smith School of Business, is currently affiliated with Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. The school equips her students with the skills and training needed to excel in any business setting around the world today. You can register for graduate or postgraduate programs.

3. HEC Montreal

Most students who travel to Canada from other European countries attend HEC Montreal Business School. It is regarded as one of the best business schools in Canada, thanks to its various business programs. The school also offers several scholarship opportunities to assist students.

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4. John Molson School of Business

Unlike most of the business schools on this list, John Molson is quite new and was established in the late 19th century. The business school equips its students with the techniques required to thrive successfully in any business setting around the world. Scholarships are also available annually.

5. Telfer School of Management 

The business management school was named in honor of an alumnus of the school, Lan Telfer, who had contributed significantly to the institution’s success. Telfer School of Management offers various graduate and postgraduate programs. In addition, there are different scholarship opportunities for both local and international students.

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6. Sobey School of Business

Probably one of the oldest in Canada, Sobey School of Business is also one of the best and most preferred institutions in the country. Although Sobey School of Business offers various graduate programs, it is pretty famous for its postgraduate programs.

7. Alberta School of Business

Alberta School of Business is affiliated with the University of Alberta, one of the most famous colleges in Canada. Asides from its regular full-time programs in Business and management, there are options for part-time programs. It is the favorite of many working students in Canada.

Wrapping Up

The schools above are so far the best business schools in Canada. If you are not so conversant with Canadian education and would want an institution that offers excellent value, then you should be in one of the schools mentioned above.

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