Highest Paying Zoology Careers

Did you know you can make a fortune just by studying zoology or its related program? I bet you didn’t know about that. Here is to let you know that there are many careers in Zoology that pay quite a lot and are also interesting to study.

In case you have an interest in Zoology, but you need to be convinced that a career in the program will be financially sufficient for you, this article is here to help. I will show you the highest-paying jobs in Zoology and how much people make from them.

1. Microbiologists

Microbiologists are responsible for studying microorganisms and how they affect life. Some of these microorganisms include fungi, algae, bacteria, viruses, etc. Microbiologists study how these organisms grow, reproduce, live and survive.

You will find microbiologists in labs, offices, government firms, etc., where they conduct and oversee scientific experiments and research. In the United States, Microbiologists make as much as $70,000 annually.

2. Biology Teachers/Lecturers

Biology teachers and lecturers also make a lot. From the stats, they are said to make as much as $60,000 every year. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the United States. The role of a biology teacher is to educate students on the theories and applications of life in general.

They make use of laboratories, classrooms, and many other media to train students so they can be knowledgeable on the topic. Being a biology teacher in the United States is a way to make a consistent income, even after retirement.

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3. Research Assistants

Research Assistants are essential workers in the United States. If there is any organization or firm that has to do with zoology, there must be the presence of a Research Assistant. The role of Research Assistants is to manage lab inventory and equipment.

They conduct experiments and analyze the data gotten. Most of the time, they go on long-term research projects and come back to give reports on the project. Research Assistants make up to $50,000 a year.

4. Veterinarians

If there is anything related to the health of animals, veterinarians are always involved. Their primary role is to improve the health of animals and take care of them whenever a disease or illness strikes. They are in the best position to know how to treat animals.

In addition to disease diagnosis and treatments, vets also do research on some medical conditions of animals to have a better understanding of how it affects them. You will find them mainly in government hospitals, but you will also find some in private settings.

However, only a zoology degree can not make you a veterinarian; you must also bag a degree in veterinary medicine. Just like medical doctors, vets make a lot of money. In a year, you can make over $90,000 in your career.

5. Zoo Curators

Zoo curators are usually the most trained zoologists. They work in zoos and animal parks as the guardian of the animals there. They are in charge of the overall welfare of these animals. You can find a lot of zoo curators in a zoo or animal park.

However, Zoo curators usually work under the supervision of vets who plan and organize the diets of these animals. Also, the vets can generally identify what animal is sick and the proper medication for them. A zoo curator makes over $50,000 a year.

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