Important Documents for Canada Work Permit

Asides from applying for a travel visa, there are other travel documents that you should make ready when going to Canada. Some of these documents will depend on the purpose of your travel. For example, if you are going to work in the country, you should apply for a Work Permit.

A Work Permit gives you the license to practice your craft and work in any setting of your choice in the country. However, to get your Canada Work Permit, some crucial documents will be required in the application process.

In this article, I will show you the essential documents for Canada’s Work Permit and how you can get each. Once you have all of these documents ready, you can then apply for your Canada Work Permit and get it in no time.

1. Identity Document 

Your identity document is used to confirm your identity and your nation. The first identity document you will need is your International passport. You must ensure that your international passport is valid throughout your stay in Canada unless you become a citizen.

The next identification document is two photos of yourself as well as photos of accompanying family members. If you don’t have any family going with you, you don’t need that photos. Your passport must contain;

  • Issue and Expiry date
  • Passport Number
  • Photo, Name, Date, and Place of birth

2. Education documents

No matter the country you are traveling to, it is essential that you have all documents pertaining to your education ready. When you want to apply for the Work Permit, you will be asked to provide these.

3. Work Experiences

For most jobs in Canada, you will be asked to provide proof of former employment. Make sure you get all of these ready, even before you apply for a Work Permit. Some of these documents will include;

  • Basic information about past employers
  • Copies of pay slips
  • Reference letters
  • Job description from former employers

4. Proof of funds

Asides from the paycheck you will be receiving in your new job in Canada, you must have something aside to take care of yourself in case of any emergency. There is a minimum amount of money you should have in your possession before you can apply for a Canada Work Permit.

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5. Job Offer

Do you meet the requirements for the job you want to apply for in Canada? If yes, you should have proof of all these and be able to present them when applying for your Work Permit.

Other documents you should have for the Canada Work Permit application include;

  • Proof of Current Legal Status
  • Fee Payment
  • Dependents and Family Information
  • Health and Police Report

Final Words

The documents above are usually the most required from anyone who wishes to apply for a Canada Work Permit. If there is any other document you will need for the application process, the immigration department will let you know about it.

Are you ready to start your Canada Work Permit application? If yes, proceed to the portal here ( and provide the necessary documents. In addition, you should have a sum of money set aside to process the application.

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