Restaurant Assistant Manager Job is Available At Soul Restaurant Canada Inc

Restaurant Assistant Manager
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Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the Team: Take charge of guiding and cheering on restaurant staff, like servers, bartenders, and kitchen folks. Give helpful advice, training, and support to keep the team working well together.
  • Helping Customers: Make sure everyone follows the idea of giving really great service to customers. Answer customer questions, handle concerns, and listen to feedback in a quick and polite way.
  • Supporting Operations: Help the Big Boss with everyday things at the restaurant, such as opening and closing, keeping track of the stuff we have, and making sure everything is up to our standards.
  • Making Schedules: Organize when employees work so that we have enough people during busy times and special events. Change schedules when we need to, based on how busy we expect to be.
  • Checking Quality: Keep an eye on how the food looks and tastes to make sure it’s just the way we want it. Work together with the kitchen team to make sure the food stays top-notch.
  • Following Rules: Make sure everyone follows the health and safety rules, knows how to handle food safely, and follows the rules about serving alcohol. Teach the staff about these things regularly.
  • Talking to Guests: Build good relationships with customers by talking to them, addressing any issues, and finding ways we can do even better.
  • Managing Money: Help watch how much we spend on running the restaurant, including paying staff and buying supplies. Come up with plans to make sure we make as much money as we can.
  • Taking Care of Supplies: Keep an eye on how much stuff we have, order what we need, and make sure things don’t go to waste.
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